Take Stock and Plan Ahead with a Community Review

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Take Stock and Plan Ahead with a Community Review

We are all facing increasingly complex challenges in our communities. What conversations do we need to be having to help  strengthen and sustain as well as existing community-led activities and services, including in response to Covid-19?

  • What are the biggest challenges you and your household are currently facing in relation to the impact of Covid 19?
  • What are your own or your families continuing and future needs?
  • What do you think your community needs are now and might be in the future?
  • How can we work together to meet current and future community needs?

These are some of the current questions for residents from the Community Needs survey template that we offering as part of our Community Review, grass roots support to help inform collaborative decision making and action by community groups and organisations.

Strengthening grassroots relationships and solidarity, increasing mutual support, and working better together helps us meet current and future challenges. Yet in the midst of doing so much fantastic work, it can be difficult to find time to step back and take stock.

A Community Review helps your community to:

  • Find out what’s needed.
  • Set out what needs to be done
  • Do it!

Click here to find out more  or email [email protected]

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