Community Listening – looking back to grow forwards

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Community Listening – looking back to grow forwards

Hands up! if you, those in your pod, or your work colleagues, have experiences and concerns to share about the last six months, as well as hopes, dreams, and ideas about how communities might move forward sustainably together?

There has been so much change and little time for us to ‘take a moment’. Understanding how we feel and what we think the next steps could be in our communities, will help us to grow forwards together in transformative ways.

Community listening offers ways to listen to and share stories, hopes, current concerns, and ideas. The process of effective listening is transformational in strengthening grass roots relationships and solidarity, growing resilience and the collaborative power for sustaining community life for all.

What could my community do?

Can we ‘take a moment’ to look back together with others in our communities on the legacy of community responses to Covid 19, to grow forwards together in making the good stronger for all?

Let’s start listening with one another, with those within our pods, and with our neighbours and fellow residents of all ages…

Start with what you can do and where you are… none of us are experts! Good listening skills are gained over a lifetime of having a go!

Individuals of all ages, community groups and parish councils, even with the Covid related restrictions, can co-create simple community listening campaigns – opportunities for people to share their stories, concerns and ideas to strengthen mutual support, to inspire one another and also identify what real needs there are in our communities.

How can CFO help with Active Listening?

We can offer advice, practical help, and training:

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