Oxfordshire’s Nature needs us

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Oxfordshire’s Nature needs us

Our county’s precious wildlife and natural beauty are under threat. Iconic species face local extinction and nearly all our rivers fail clean water standards. But your vote in the upcoming election can turn the tide.

The party elected to power will determine if we can revive Oxfordshire’s unmatched natural glory – and build healthier, more resilient communities for all. That’s why we need your help to make sure all candidates, no matter what party they belong to, make restoring nature a top priority.

The national Nature 2030 campaign has mapped out policies to protect 30% of UK lands and waters for nature’s revival. Along with other Oxfordshire charities, Community First Oxfordshire has translated these into five crucial actions tailored for our county:

1. More space for Oxfordshire’s nature
2. Healthy nature for everyone
3. Nurturing Oxfordshire’s green workforce
4. Supporting nature friendly farming in Oxfordshire
5. Corporate responsibility for nature’s recovery

How you can help

When you cast your vote next month, choose a future where Oxfordshire’s treasured landscapes and wildlife can thrive once more. To ensure nature tops your party’s agenda, look for:

• Dedicated funding to protect and restore our natural environment
• Plans to actively involve local people in conservation decisions and efforts
• Commitment to collaborate closely with councils to implement nature-friendly policies

We’ve showcased some inspiring examples from across Oxfordshire that could be expanded even further to help restore our county’s precious biodiversity. TAKE A LOOK HERE.

Your vote is a powerful tool for change. Use it to advocate for clean air, clean water, accessible green spaces, and a sustainable future for all. Oxfordshire’s nature is depending on you. Together, we can ensure nature gets the attention it deserves in this critical election.

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