Placemaking – what is it? Community First Oxfordshire would call it the creation of strong, inclusive, and thriving communities which have good relationships with neighbouring communities and where people have a positive sense of belonging. We set out our vision in our Placemaking Charter:


However, we cannot build thousands of new homes on the edges of towns and village and expect thriving communities to just emerge. These places need to be supported and nurtured. For places to best succeed, residents, developers, planners and others have to come together in a spirit of genuine collaboration.

CFO has therefore created a Placemaking Consultancy: we bring developers and communities together to explore and develop strategies to ensure that new housing development works as best as possible for new and existing residents. Housing development is usually controversial. CFO believes that where it takes place a professionally facilitated approach makes it work better for all involved.


Community First Oxfordshire has:

  • Undertaken major research projects for Local Authorities and Housing Associations on best practice in placemaking on new developments
  • Delivered a comprehensive Social and Community Infrastructure Plan for Woodstock (2019)
  • Currently run on the ground community development projects at Upper Heyford, Graven Hill, and Woodstock.
  • Delivered community insight research on health and wellbeing for Oxfordshire County Council Public Health in Abingdon Caldecott (2022), Banbury Ruscote and Neithrop and Banbury Grimsbury and Hightown (2023).

Please email us for a discussion about your placemaking ideas.

Following allocations for significant strategic developments in Woodstock, CFO were commissioned to consult with local residents and stakeholders to fully understand the existing infrastructure in the town and identify improvements the developments might facilitate.

The nature of the work was challenging, given local opposition to development, but CFO still managed to get the residents to engage with the process and thereby giving us some helpful insights across the entire town.

The CFO team used their skills and experience to produce a thorough report that many residents have praised and the development project team have relied upon throughout the planning process.

Blenheim Estate

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