Heyford Park Community Development Project

Established in 2018, Heyford Park Community Development Project brings together Community First Oxfordshire, Dorchester Living, Cherwell District Council, Heyford Park Parish Council and other community partners.

‘I feel about Heyford Park as though I have come home because of all
the support and help available from people like you who care. Your
support for the Veterans Group and others I am involved in has been
exceptionalDave Riley, resident.

People have lived at Heyford for hundreds of years. The building of RAF Upper Heyford in the early 20th century established close connections first to the RAF and then to the US Air Force. The base was closed in 1994 but a local Veteran’s Association remains. Dorchester Group acquired the Heyford Park site in 2009, including custodianship of the former base, with plans to build 1000+ homes.

Today Heyford Park therefore combines a deeply rooted community with a unique historical identity and a large, incoming population from multiple other places, both nearby and more distant. The key challenge was to bring all the different parts of the community together, working with residents to develop a vibrant, resilient and
self-sustaining community.



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