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Community Share Offer

We are really pleased to be able to promote Oxfordshire Community Land Trust’s launch of their Community Share Offer. Community Share Offers are an effective and democratic way for communities to secure the assets they need. They are designed so that members of a community can put their money to work in order to purchase or finance any income-generating asset that is needed by the community. If you are interested in finding out more about community share offers in general please do get in touch.


Oxfordshire Community Land Trust is extremely excited and proud to announce that its Community Share Offer is now open for social investment.

As you may know, its first development at Crofts Court in Dean Court, Cumnor Parish just west of Oxford will provide 8 much needed community-led affordable homes for those on the Vale of White Horse Housing List and with a strong local connection.

It was a monumental achievement by the trust getting this site out of the ground in June this year and it’s already making excellent progress to welcome tenants by June next year. However, as you will be aware, interest rates continue to climb and so despite generous funding from the Vale and Future Oxfordshire Partnership, the trust still relies on and is vulnerable to its construction loan’s interest rates increasing further. It therefore needs help to insulate itself from higher commercial lending rates through more affordable finance terms by replacing some of its construction loan with social investment.

That’s where hopefully social investors and organisations can step in and take a stake in fairer more sustainable housing for Oxfordshire!  The trust is now offering Community Shares at a value of £1, offered in multiples of 250, with a minimum investment of £250 and a maximum of £50,000. The Community Shares will carry a target maximum interest rate of 3% and it needs to raise £500,000 by 28 February 2023. For more information including our Community Share Offer brochure and Business Plan, please visit 

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