Woodstock Community and Infrastructure Delivery Plan

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Woodstock Community and Infrastructure Delivery Plan



A New Plan for Woodstock

Woodstock Town Council and Blenheim Estate have appointed CFO to consult the community about the current and future needs of the town.

The Community and Infrastructure Delivery Plan will take shape across 2019. The first six months will see a wide-range of opinion and ideas gathered, while the second will see projects identified and prioritised, with strategies for delivering them set out.

Several housing development sites will be coming forward in the next decade; and it is important to ensure that the special character of the town is preserved, facilities are enhanced where necessary and the new developments successfully integrate with the existing communities in Woodstock.

Some projects that emerge from the community conversation may be achievable through the developer contributions (Section 106) process on new development sites; some may be designed into new developments; and some may need a different approach. It is important to say that not all projects will be achieved via forthcoming development. Some may need a different approach, perhaps more long-term.

Launch events

Consultation was launched with five events and information sessions in March 2019. Over 200 residents attended. The events discussed a range of themes – traffic, community life and facilities, infrastructure, environment, the impacts of development in general and key considerations for specific housing sites. Attendees were asked to note what was most important to them and write down more detailed feedback, including ideas about how to deal with particular issues.  Detailed feedback from these events is available below:

Next steps – keep on having your say!

Consultation to date has informed the content of a comprehensive community survey. This will be delivered to households on 25/26 April, along with a Freepost return envelope. Even if you have already contributed feedback, please complete and return a survey. An electronic version will be available on this page.

The results of the Community Survey will be presented at the events below. These meetings will also discuss the prioritization of potential ideas and projects and the feasibility and practicalities of delivering them:

  • Saturday 1 June, 10-2 @ The Community Centrethere will be 2 sessions, one at 10 am and one at midday
  • Tuesday 4 June, 2-4 @ Coach House Learning Centre, Oxfordshire Museum
  • Wednesday 5 June, 7-9 @ Woodstock Social Club

There will be a further event at another venue (location to be confirmed). More information about all three events will be circulated to the community via Facebook pages, website, posters, email lists etc. in due course.

You can comment at any time on the plan by emailing: [email protected] 

Background Information + Documents


FEEDBACK FORM: this is the form that was handed out to attendees at launch events.


WOODSTOCK PLANNING CONTEXT: this document gives summaries of sites allocated in Local Plans (or included in draft Local Plans) and potential ‘facilitation sites’, which could be used to help deliver community priorities identified through the Plan process.

WOODSTOCK PLANNING CONTEXT – SITE MAPS: site map as per the above description.

DETAILED SITE PLAN WOODSTOCK EAST: this is an allocated development site in the West Oxfordshire Local Plan. Building has already commenced. If the document does not open in your browser, please download.

SUMMARY OF WEST OXFORDSHIRE DC SECTION 106 AGREEMENT ON WOODSTOCK EAST SITE: this sets out commitments agreed to by Blenheim Estate regarding infrastructure and other provisions. This is a summary document and not the full, official agreement, which may contain additional explanatory detail.

SUMMARY OF OXFORDSHIRE COUNTY COUNCIL SECTION 106 AGREEMENT ON WOODSTOCK EAST SITE: this sets out commitments agreed to by Blenheim Estate regarding infrastructure and other provisions. This is a summary document and not the full, official agreement, which may contain additional explanatory detail. 

WEST OXFORDSHIRE LOCAL PLAN 2031: see pp. 213-253 for policies + maps specific to Woodstock, including allocated sites at east of Woodstock, north of Hill Rise and north of Banbury Road.

WEST OXFORDSHIRE INFRASTRUCTURE DELIVERY PLAN: this document seeks to identify the infrastructure that is needed to support future growth in the District to 2031, including Woodstock. By ‘infrastructure’ is meant essential services and facilities such as schools, roads, water, gas and electricity and open space.

CHERWELL LOCAL PLAN 2011-2031: PARTIAL REVIEW OXFORD UNMET’S NEED: see pp. 135 > for DRAFT allocation policy + maps of land at south-east Woodstock. This plan is currently being examined and this site is therefore only a proposal only at this stage. Woodstock TC are opposing its development.

HEART OF WOODSTOCK TRAFFIC AND PARKING REPORT- SEPTEMBER 2018: for enquiries about this report please contact [email protected]

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