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Make those changes in your community

If your can see things that need to change in your community but have no idea on where to start, we can help!  We are holding a free workshop on Thursday 20th September to help you get “stuff” done in your community.  It will give tips on what you need to know and the practicalities of achieving a successful project.

To book your place contact Hilary Lombard

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Interested in changing your village hall to a Charitable Incorporated Organisation (CIO)?

To understand more about a CIO and its pros and cons, CFO have teamed up with charity solicitor Tessa Hennessy to offer training specifically aimed at Village Hall Trustees.  The event will be held on Wednesday 19th September at Cassington Village Hall.

Further details: Changing your Charity to a CIO

For further information and to book please contact Tessa Hall, [email protected]  

There is a small charge for this event

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