Piddington’s Community Led Plan Completed – an inspiring achievement…

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Piddington’s Community Led Plan Completed – an inspiring achievement…

Has your village undertaken a Community Led Plan? Or is it time for you to review your CLP? Would you like to find out more about undertaking a CLP in your community? 

Take inspiration from other villages, such as Piddington, in their demonstration of the value of the CLP processes in strengthening and sustaining what is of  most value about community life..

CONGRATULATIONS to Piddington village, Oxfordshire for their achievements as a community in undertaking, completing as well as publishing their Community Led  Plan(CLP) including 2019 Review.  Please see a copy of the published Community Led Plan and 2019 Review here.

“The Community led planning process started nearly five years ago. The process included a full consultation within the parish in the form of village meetings and a questionnaire, which received one of the highest return rates in the County. At the time of printing some £150, 000 has been raised within the village, with a large proportion coming in from applications. Whilst the official plan did not get printed in 2017 as intended, organisations within the village have used the results of the questionnaire, and the draft plan, to secure funding for a number of vital projects, as can be seen within the pages of this publication. Through these accomplishments the community has become the embodiment of its CLP, exactly as intended.” Piddington CLP 2019 preface

“In developing a CLP…Piddington, has followed in the footsteps of over 4000 other communities nationwide, that have produced similar plans since the late 1970’s. The step-by-step CLP process undertaken by the CLP team empowered the community to identify and address a range of social, economic, environmental and cultural issues. It is a process that can be used time and again to ensure relevance”  in the implementation of the plan. Piddington CLP 2019 p2

The 2019 review provides Piddington with a benchmark of how (the) Plan has progressed and highlights those issues that still need to be addressed. It is an invaluable tool of significant social value to your community.” Piddington CLP 2019 p2

  • Would you like more information about CFO’s CLP service?
  • Are you keen to set up an initial meeting to discuss a CLP in your community?
  • Would you like some help with accessing the CLP resources?

Contact:  Rachel Woods, CLP Facilitator and Trainer for CFO

email: [email protected]

phone: 01865 883488

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