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Planning White Paper - your concerns and comments  

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The recently published government's Planning for the Future White Paper has given rise to much concern across the political spectrum.

CFO shares the concern of Action with Communities in Rural England that 'the reforms will have a detrimental impact on many rural communities.' In particular, zoning will undermine rural communities ability to thrive; Rural residents will lack a voice in Local Plans or planning applications; Neighbourhood Plans will be reduced in importance and; Delivery of new affordable housing will be curtailed.

As a county with some of the highest house prices in England, and skyrocketing private rents, Oxfordshire can ill afford the already patchy delivery of affordable housing to slow even further. Likewise, the suggested measures threaten the fantastic, highly considered work of the many Neighbourhood Planning groups around the county, many of which CFO has helped and continue to help.

Are you a member of a Neighbourhood Planning group, a local councillor, or just a concerned resident - what do you think of the proposed changes? How can your community be helped to make the most of the planning system?


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Posted : 09/12/2020 8:23 am