This is the place to make contact with other communities and individuals, share problems and find solutions, and discuss new ideas.

We know from feedback that networking sessions are among CFO’s most popular and useful events. People like finding out what’s happening elsewhere and getting to know others. What’s also become clear with Covid-19 is that while people have been doing fantastic work it has been very demanding. This makes it all the more important to find new ways to connect.

That’s why we’ve set up OxBuzz – to offer a virtual support and discussion space to share information and support peer to peer reflection. Anyone can read posts made on the forum but if you want to make a post or join a discussion you have to register.

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Community action and COVID - lessons learned and what's now needed?  

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Communities have been doing some fantastic work during the pandemic, building on already existing initiatives to support local people or rolling out new support. But we know from talking to many of you that this can be challenging and tiring work. 

We also know that a problem shared is problem halved - we learn best when we learn from each other, finding out what's worked well, what hasn't, and what might therefore work best in our own community.

We would love this forum to be a place of mutual support: to share inspiring stories and talk through concerns, to discuss new initiatives and bounce ideas off each other. So what are your concerns in relation to community needs and COVID-19, now and into the future? What lessons have you learned over the last few months that other communities might benefit from hearing about?

Community First Oxfordshire can support your collaborative conversations and action with our Community Review offer.

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Posted : 09/12/2020 3:09 pm