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Are you interested in setting up a community action group?

Community Action Group (CAG) Oxfordshire consists of over 70 groups across Oxfordshire, at the forefront of community led climate change action, organising events and projects to take action on issues including waste, transport, food, energy, biodiversity and social justice.

Started in 2001, the network is the largest of its kind in the UK, running over 2,000 events per year, attended by around 80,000 local residents and contributing over 20,000 volunteer hours to the county.

Contact CAG Oxfordshire for more information

Connecting Communities Directory is accessible  here 

The Directory lists live links to Oxfordshire village websites and Facebook pages, alphabetically under district councils.

The aim is to make the directory searchable so that communities can share inspiring initiatives, skills, good practise, and importantly what they are doing in response to climate change, as well as  find solutions to common challenges.

What does community mean to you?

Woodstock’s young people described community as follows:

  • ...a group that works together to make their community a better
  • …place where people work together towards a goal that will benefit …everyone when people work together to create a certain
  • …environment  where people support and help each other
  • …community means coming together as one

Why not send us a quote from your village about what people of all ages value about community life: [email protected]

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Facilitating peer to peer CLP learning

Community First Oxfordshire helped to run the Piddington CLP launch, advised the steering group, and helped to design an event that involved 4 other villages, 2 to offer advice from their experience of carrying out CLPs and 2 to learn from Piddington. The event generated a great deal of enthusiasm and ideas came up that were begun to be worked on immediately (the desire for a village apple press). It was a good example of peer support from one community to another working well to inspire people. The usual community engagement methods and post it notes exercises worked well with some new ideas such as allocating the “facilitator” of each small group at random by placing a pack of instructions under one chair.

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