Best practice in place-making

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Best practice in place-making

In 2015, Community First Oxfordshire was commissioned by Cherwell District Council to undertake a Social and Community Infrastructure Study. Essentially, we developed a six step, best-practice approach to place-making on new developments, derived from primary research such as interviews and secondary analysis of some 30 other sources. These secondary sources included studies focused on different spatial contexts: established social housing estates (Joseph Rowntree Foundation); New Towns (Department of Communities and Local Government); Master-planning on large new developments (the Scottish Government, Harlow District Council, the Commission on Architecture and the Built Environment); Garden Cities (the Town and County Planning Association); and new strategic development locations (Wokingham Borough Council). In general outline the six, best practice steps we identified are: involve communities: get the design right; community development support from the outset; community management of assets; build and release local capacity; indoor meeting space from the outset. Flowing from those general themes should be a series of recommendations specific to a given local context.

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